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About Us

We offer quality and longevity

ReSatron offers a rather broad product line of standard angle encoders and a vast amount of accessories, providing easy operation for the majority of possible applications. Our emphasis is on quality and longevity. Each encoder leaving our facility has been subjected to a careful testing procedure where we test each item individually rather than in series. The knowledge we thus obtain is fed back into our encoder program as soon as possible, helping us achieve our final goal: Install it, and forget it.

Out encoders are partially equipped with self-monitoring devices, but external monitoring is offered for incremental angle encoders. Self-monitoring will assist installation and maintenance personnel to recognize possible malfunction immediately. It is no longer acceptable today that a production facility is shut down for hours because maintenance personnel has no opportunity to take measurements off the encoder to assist him in locating the error source. This is particularly true for complicated bus systems. It is also completely unacceptable to replace components like angle decoders on suspicious grounds only.

Furthermore, we manufacture heavy-duty industrial versions which were developed for applications under the most severe conditions. These encoders can be either heated or cooled. Double and triple encoders are standard issue today. To us, shock resistance up to 200 G is self understood. We use only top-quality materials (V4A 1.4571).

We also develop encoders according to your specifications, unless prohibitively expensive under economic considerations.

Certain encoder processes, as specified by you, can be implemented through software. We can also secure such design and know-how exclusively for you. Specials shafts, such as tongue & groove according to DIN 6885, have been implemented. Mechanical adjustments represent no problem for us. We also have the capabilities to deliver special flange attachments and mechanical accessories, per your instructions.

Additions, alterations, bus integration, and commissioning are available from us as well, jointly with a multi-year partner.

One thing that will never happen to you with us – that we hand you an encoder, and leave you standing in the rain while holding it.

On case of technical problems, we are there for you.

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